Sunday, January 31, 2010

Really...thank you!

  I have to do homework right now but I really wanted to give another round of thanks to everyone who is reading and responding and actively taking a long distance role in my life.  I can't believe how many people are reading my blog daily or even just randomly (shout out to MJ who I found out is a follower and I love it!--I can't see my blog page so I am not discriminating against anyone else this is just what I'm hearing).  But seriously, I have been quite the homesicky little wuss lately and the emails, comments, or even just the fact that I may have been added to your favorites list is the best thing I could hear.  THANK YOU THANK YOU ALL!! I truly love you!

  Also, definitely have to give a daily shout out to the one and only Bobby G, aka Dad. It's his birthday today and I wish I could be there to dance to the Beatles with him.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY POPS! I LOVE YOU!

  Will write later but believe it or not I do have to go to school on this ship as well. Pssh.

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