Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Get Dem Sea Legs GRRRRRRL

  There is a famous story that my family likes to tell.  My family and I went to Bar Harbor, Maine a few years ago where we decided to go whale watching (and never saw any whales). We all wore the sea sickness bracelets and tried to keep everyone stable, mostly my brother Rob, who we knew suffered from serious motion sickness from boats, to roller coasters, to playground equipment.  So obviously my brother gets sea sick anyway.   Rob and my Dad went down into the inside of this boat where there was a small cafe and hopefully a bathroom.  Unfortunately, Rob never made it to the bathroom.  Instead, he cleared out the cafe.

  I've teased Rob about this moment and all other vomalicious moments he's had and now the sea sickness gods have come after me.

  Taking off from Ensenada Mexico was amazing.  We cheered, ate our first meal on board, and watched the most enormous Mexican flag in the port disappear.  At first, wobbling was even fun as we tried to walk the hallways in a straight line (now on day 3 we are getting better).  But, as soon as I had to sit down in the rocky, overheated, union with six hundred kids I was a goner.  That night and yesterday were unbearable.  I was stuck in my indoor cabin, in the dark, feeling as if my insides were going to fall out of my ears.  Thanks to Jenny (my LLC-Living, Learning Coordinator) and the doctors on board I was taken care of.  I finally got a nice big needle in my butt and within thirty minutes was calmed down.  So today is a new day. I am out on deck surrounded entirely by the ocean, no land in sight.  It is incredible...now that I am feeling better.  My sea legs are growing!

  All I really have to say is, Rob, sorry I ever made fun of you.  Miss you and all of my continental lovers.

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